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Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is an essential part of any business's success, and Richardson Insurance is proud to serve the small business owners located in the state of Georgia. There are many different insurance needs that small businesses must have to protect themselves. In addition to vehicular insurance for any employee-driven vehicles, businesses also need protection for their location. Whether it be coverage for the building itself or your inventory, Richardson Insurance is here to help ensure that you have a comprehensive commercial policy in place.


Many small businesses are severely affected by litigation of incidents as minor as slip and fall suits. It is imperative that small business owners are protected in the event of such a mishap. Owning a small business, whether it be retail, manufacturing, or professional in nature, does come with several risks. A comprehensive insurance policy will provide coverage for you if such an event should occur.


In the event of a catastrophe, your business may survive intact, but it might take a little while to recover. It is important to have commercial insurance that will cover such time periods and provide the necessary safety net to help you weather the storm. If you have a weather incident and inventory is damaged, it may take some time for your vendors to replenish the items. This is an example of an interruption to your business, and the right insurance policy will provide coverage for such circumstances.

There are many commercial insurance policies available that are particularly useful for small business owners. Please call or stop by our office to learn more about commercial insurance!

Richardson Insurance has worked with many small business owners located in the state of Georgia. Contact us today to meet with one of our commercial insurance specialists and find out if you have the necessary coverage in place to protect your business!