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Auto Insurance

If you are licensed to drive in the state of Georgia and own a vehicle, you are required to have auto insurance. How much insurance you need depends on your specific circumstances. Contact an agent at Richardson Insurance for information and quotes. For the best results, visit us to discuss all your insurance needs. Here is an overview of auto insurance requirements in Georgia.

Auto Insurance Requirements

Georgia drivers must have automobile liability insurance for at least the minimum limits required by the state to be able to drive on public roads and highways. The state minimum limits are set, updated, and published by the Office of Insurance and the Fire Safety Commissioner. Bodily injury liability includes a per person and per occurrence minimum. Also, there is a property damage liability minimum per occurrence. In each of these types of coverage, liability insurance pays damages to other people on your behalf. It covers injury or damaged property caused by negligence, and it can protect you from frivolous claims alleging that you are at-fault.

  • Physical damage insurance covers loss or damage to your vehicle. There are two categories of physical damage policies.
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for theft, vandalism and fire losses, which is called comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage is not required by Georgia law. However, if you are paying off a loan on a car, the lender will require you to carry collision insurance. Leasing companies also typically require you to purchase collision protection.

If you have physical damage insurance, you can file a claim under your policy if your vehicle is hit by an uninsured motorist or someone else causes an accident and flees the scene.

Uninsured motorist insurance can also be included in your policy. Although state law requires all drivers to have liability insurance as a prerequisite to driving, many allow their coverage to lapse. Uninsured motorist insurance covers you when an uninsured driver causes an accident which injures you or damages your vehicle.

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